Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Why Small Talk?

I have often read Aspies wondering what small talk is for. Perhaps I used to be one of your number. But as my associations with other humans (NT or not) increases, I am coming to recognise that small talk has real uses.

Essentially, it prolongs social interaction, thereby allowing other subjects and topics to come up in the conversation. It may well be that both parties then realise that there is a topic that is important, or shared - or both.

I could liken it to Evolution. There are many blind alleys, but that does not matter, life does on, more alleys are created and sooner or later one is created that is interesting and long-lived.

So it does not matter if you, the Aspie, cannot see where the conversation is going. It is ambling around. Continue and you may stumble on something that you hadn't thought of. Or someone else may arrive, and push the conversation on a bit further.

And so on. Enjoy yourselves!

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